Intressant Strengthsfinder-statistik

Publicerat 19 oktober 2019

Här är sammanställd statistik från alla de tester som gjorts världen över.



Females and males share six of the same top ten strengths themes: Achiever, Responsibility, Restorative, Relator, Harmony, and Learner.

Instead of the Female’s top themes of Empathy, Developer, Positivity, and Input, Males have top themes of Adaptability, Strategic, Analytical, and Ideation.

In terms of strengths domains or types, each have three Executing/Earth themes (getting things done). Females have five Relating/Water themes (relating to others), while Males have three. Females have two Thinking/Wind themes (thinking on purpose), while Males have four. Neither has an Influencing/Fire theme (impacting others) in their top ten strengths themes.


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