Hur e2grow fungerar

Publicerat 20 maj 2021

You`ve already tried team buildings and workshops before and they did not work, because people forget 76% of what they learned after just 4 hours and  85% of ordinary employee/leadership development activities fail to deliver the impact.

#e2grow brings the #digital platform into the game that makes a difference.

It`s like a backbone of tailor-made change process that enables leaders to level up their everyday behavior and make the team prosper!

The app enables the whole team to calibrate their individual`s unique strengths to make your team productive!

Each member can see and know what everybody brings and needs to go the extra mile.

The communication is clear, focused and personalized.

 The behavioral change is guaranteed!

e2grow platform provides kind of a digital coach as add on to 100% online live sessions with digital interactions and nudges focused on habit building on your app to really boost the engagement and  focus your team on the goals!

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