Två (eller tre) tänkvärda citat

Publicerat 6 februari 2024

Jag får ett par olika nyhetsbrev varje vecka och då och då dyker det upp något tänkvärt i dem. Senaste veckan fick jag med dig de här två tankarna:

”98% of success is consistently doing boring things that no one sees. 2% is visible and exciting, so that’s all everyone talks about.”  (Farnham Street)


”I think about decisions in three ways: hats, haircuts, and tattoos.

Most decisions are like hats. Try one and if you don’t like it, put it back and try another. The cost of a mistake is low, so move quickly and try a bunch of hats.

Some decisions are like haircuts. You can fix a bad one, but it won’t be quick and you might feel foolish for awhile. That said, don’t be scared of a bad haircut. Trying something new is usually a risk worth taking. If it doesn’t work out, by this time next year you will have moved on and so will everyone else.

A few decisions are like tattoos. Once you make them, you have to live with them. Some mistakes are irreversible. Maybe you’ll move on for a moment, but then you’ll glance in the mirror and be reminded of that choice all over again. Even years later, the decision leaves a mark. When you’re dealing with an irreversible choice, move slowly and think carefully.” (James Clear)


Sedan kan det bli lite kul med felsägningar.

Hustrun sa i morse ”The details are in the devil”.  Blir ju lite intressant.


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